Casa Rolandi Restaurant at Hotel Villa Rolandi

Casa Rolandi Isla Mujeres. An award-winning family-owned restaurant featuring 'extraordinaire' North Italian-Swiss Cuisine by Star Chef Daniele Müller. Featuring a casual elegant ambiance; The Restaurant is laid out in a beautiful, inviting and pleasing setting in a 2-level design, the main Restaurant Salon and an al-fresco dining panoramic terrace. Genuine warm and attentive service, mouth watering food, a great wine list and breathtaking views of Cancun's gorgeous sunsets is just part of a timeless dining experience.

A true gem for our Connoisseurs Guests, Celebrities, World Dignitaries; but most of all, a long-time favorite among Cancun Locals & Gourmands.

The Chefs and Owning-Family share a passion for top-quality fresh ingredients, slow-cooking techniques with a wood-burning oven, old-school recipes; as well as a clear focus on creating amazing flavors while keeping simplicity, harmony when combining ingredients and elegance in presentation.

The carefully designed Menu features International Cuisine, with strong North-Italian and Swiss influence, slight Mexican flair; and the master cooking and preparation techniques you would expect from French Cuisine. Visit our Casa Rolandi Menu Page Digital Edition.

Casa Rolandi features the award-winning cuisine of our Chef Daniele Müller, a rising star in the Food & Wine world trained at 'L'Institut Paul Bocuse' in Lyon-France with a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management and with work-experience in several Michelin-Star Restaurants in Lyon and Paris.

He joins the new generation of chefs who present us techniques and flavors acquired in the Old Continent combining the use of traditional Latin-American products. This magnificent mixture captivates even the most demanding palate in one of the most renowned and traditional restaurants in Cancun & Isla Mujeres, Casa Rolandi.